The safety of a building site also depends on its protection: in order to complete a project on time and according to the terms agreed upon by the parties, it is essential that unauthorised or unskilled persons are not able to access the site and cause damage.  Tecno Sicuro can provide you with alarm systems to protect your scaffold from intruders. The range of the sensors, the strength of the alarm, and its ease of assembly and use are just three of the many advantages of this option, ideal for protecting apartment blocks, historical and religious monuments, new constructions, and in general all building sites where it is necessary to keep unauthorised persons away.


The intruder alarms that we offer are highly reliable and technologically advanced. They are easy to install, and are equipped with a central management unit and radio receivers (batteries included). In this way the alarm will continue to function even if there is a power failure or if it is removed by vandals. The battery has several hours of autonomy so as to avoid a rapid discharge that would make the system ineffective. The alarm system is also equipped with internal and external sensors that emit both visual and acoustic signals. The alarms were designed especially for scaffolding, taking into account the fact that they often face onto roads or other busy areas, thus presenting an easy opportunity for potential thieves. You need worry about this no longer, because Tecno Sicuro provides all-round security monitoring solutions.