Any work that is done on historical buildings, whether they are inhabited or used for cultural purposes, must be carried out with great care due to the very old foundations. Work on these buildings often takes a very long time and requires particular attention because wrong movements or poorly designed support systems can compromise not only the outcome of the work itself but also the whole structure, with dangerous consequences to people and property. For this reason Tecno Sicuro has always invested heavily into the research and development of better solutions for this category of building, resulting in the perfect scaffolds for restoration and maintenance operations that allow inhabitants or visitors to continue using the building while work is in progress. Our company always proposes custom made solutions and, in fact, construction companies can count on an all-round consultancy service, starting from the site inspection
through to the complete assembly of the scaffolds, any necessary modifications during operations, and final dismantling.

Tecno Sicuro has supplied scaffolding structures for shopping centres, supermarkets, towers, facades, shops, residential buildings and much more. Take a look at the photos on this page and you will immediately be struck by the attention that we pay to detail and to the specific features of the structures that require intervention.

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